Sunday, September 6, 2009

India Today - 2009 ranking: VIT rated among the top 10 Premier Institutions


  1. Awesome...our college is really growing and growing fast...builds a great brand for us...


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  3. This list is not reality. My college "Delhi College of Engineering" cannot lie down yours. See these magazines people are very smart and clever. They have to place IITs on the top otherwise no one would believe them. Then some privately funded colleges such as yours pay them to show their college in the same league as of the IITs. This is indirect advertisement. DCE is a govt. college so nobody in administration cares about ranking. Yours is a good college but certainly not as good as mine. The creator of pentium chip, Vinod Dham,graduated from DCE and the list of many successul engineers is endless. I know how I had toiled to get into it when I just missed IIT. These magazine people just wash everything in a nick of second. Pal, no bad feelings for you but it will take some more time for VIT to get into the same league as these established govt. engineering colleges.